Early and precise diagnosis is crucial for both good health and illness. Our Lab Quest team, which works alongside the best-in-class pathologists, medical technicians, scientists, and doctors, is here to build strong interactions while giving our guests constant, focused, disciplined care.

Reports from Lab Quest Diagnostic Limited are comprehensive, insightful, and reliable for the rapid diagnosis and treatment. This improves clinical results and provides a clear understanding of how to choose better treatments.

Lab Quest quality system is according to Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) Bangladesh guideline. The management system requirements are written which relevant to laboratory operations and meet the principals of Quality Management Systems. This allows Lab Quest to provide state-of-the-art Health Check-up services that precisely measure almost all approved tests that we conduct. Additionally, molecular diagnostics along with flow cytometry and LC-MS/MS are some of the most cutting-edge techniques that support a variety of beneficial investigations.